About Us

About Cme4.com

Cme4.com is designed to provide small businesses the same name recognition that large multi-national corporations now enjoy. In each endeavor to make Cme4 a household name, we promote the interests of the businesses who make up the Cme4 family. Collectively these businesses will become memorable because of their affiliation with the Cme4 name. Together we will establish a presence that no one of us could afford as individuals. Our goal is to keep business local by providing information on services and products available in each of the communities in which Cme.4 has been established. Member businesses promote not only their own business but also all the other members of Cme4. As we grow in numbers, the more our name will be recognized, thus increasing the benefits to all Cme4 clients.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Cme4.com family, click on the info button.. If you want to keep your business in your community, see a listing of local businesses that are a part of Cme4 by clicking on the search button and accessing the name of your town.

Small businesses make America run; small businesses make America stable; small businesses make America family.

Thank you for supporting your local businesses by supporting Cme4.com.